Photography isn’t just pushing a button and freezing a moment in a flash. I have spent almost half my life learning this and putting that knowledge to work in my images. Choosing a photographer to document your occasion, your loved ones, your life should be a highly personal decision. That’s not to say it’s wrong to pick a photographer just because you like their images; so long as their images speak to you on some level,Β you have picked the right photographer for you.

I bring a lot of energy to my shoots, but that energy takes on a couple of different forms. As a naturally introverted AND outgoing personality, I find it easy toΒ interpret the emotional needs of my subjects and adjust my energy to suit. Whether that is cool and calm or loud and full of praise, I make every effort to ensure your photography experience is a pleasant one. To help you make the best decision for you and your family, I’ve compiled a couple of lists (oh, how I love lists!) to help you get to know me better.

Things that I love:

  • Brussel Sprouts roasted til they’re nearly black and smothered in garlic (especially when those sprouts grew from your own ground and were picked by your own hands)
  • Movie nights with good company
  • Clear nights and starry skies
  • The sound of tractors cultivating the fields

Things that I don’t love:

  • Olives, olive juice
  • Grumpy people
  • Sunburns