A few weeks ago, I opened a fortune cookie that read “do not be afraid of growing slowly. Be afraid only of standing still”. I kept it, and strangely it keeps finding it’s way into various sweater pockets and tabletops and being rediscovered over and over again. The words have been on repeat in my mind all day. Today was my last day at Blue Cross, and I left this afternoon with mixed emotions as I move closer toward my dreams. My team has held me up over and over again these past 2 years. I’ve been through the wringer with health issues, death and more and through it all they have been there. Leaving was hard. But I have to keep growing, and sometimes growing hurts a bit. Sometimes something has to give. We have to burst a little at the seams to make room for the new. I’m forever grateful for the experiences the last 2 years have given me and I can’t wait for what’s next ✨✨✨

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